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SQL Agent Job Activity Monitor. The execution history of the SQL Server Agent jobs can be also checked from the Job Activity Monitor window, under the SQL Server Agent node, as below: To view the execution history of specific job, right-click on that job and choose the View History option, as below: The displayed window will show the execution. To remove rows from the table 'agent1' with following conditions -. 1. 'da' and 'cu' are the aliases of 'agent1' and 'customer' table, 2. check the number 3 is in the result of the subquery which satisfies the condition bellow : 3. 'agent_code' of 'agent1' table and 'agent_code' of 'customer' table should not be same, the following SQL. I have a table with a user id, user* activation date, and user* cancelation date. Using this table I wanna see the dates a user was active, and a. CERTIFICATE_MAPPED_USER - User mapped to a certificate. EXTERNAL_USER - External user from Azure Active Directory. ASYMMETRIC_KEY_MAPPED_USER - User mapped to an asymmetric key. SQL_USER - SQL user. WINDOWS_USER - Windows user. authentication_type - type of user authentication. NONE : No authentication. INSTANCE : Instance authentication.
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